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I’m Ti of Sewing By Ti and I am so excited to be your hostess for the Sew Ready For Fall Tour!

Sew Ready for Fall will be a 2 week long series that will help inspire you to start transitioning into Fall sews. Now, before you go, “but its still summer here”, let me remind you, as much as you might be loving summer, it is going to end. You want to have your layers ready before the cold weather comes. And that means ordering your fall fabrics, picking out patterns AND starting your sewing. I know for me, that can take a month or longer! Considering its August 1st, that means I would have something ready around September 1st. Sounds about the right time to have some Fall projects ready, doesn’t it? And if you’re planning a full Fall Capsule, you’ll definitely need every moment leading up until fall.

As your hostess, each day I’ll meet you here to introduce our bloggers for the day AND tell you how to register to win one of our fabulous prizes! Because we all know it wouldn’t really be a great blog tour without prizes!

So what are the prizes? They are AMAZING. Whenever I arrange something like this I always think, “I wish I could register to win something.” 🙁 So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, be sure to register for every possible chance to win, because there are SEW many possible awesome prizes and I can’t win any of them!

Our bloggers have each been given 2 yards of fabric from Stylish Fabric for this tour, and they are the ones sponsoring the sewing machine give away. And of course, we are equally thankful to all of our designers for their generous pattern giveaways too!

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Our prizes:

1- Brother Sewing Machine XR1340
1- Stylish Fabric Sewing Box
3- $20 gift cards to Stylish Fabric
Everything Your Mama Made and More $50 gift card
George and Ginger 5 Pattern Pack
Hey June Handmade 2 Pattern Pack
Little Lizard King 3 Pattern Pack
Love Notions 2 Pattern Pack
Made For Mermaids 2 Pattern Pack
Mouse House Creations 3 Pattern Pack
New Horizons Designs 2 Pattern Pack
Patterns for Pirates 2 Pattern Pack
Seamworks Pattern Wembley OR Paxson
Sisboom 4 Pattern Pack
Stitch Upon a Time 2 Pattern Pack
True Bias Patterns Emerson Pants/short and Ogden Cami
Wardrobe By Me Frida Shorts and Slim Pants
Winter Wear Designs Giverney Blazer AND the Real Deal Jeans

Next I introduce the day’s bloggers and give you a sneak peak of the day’s content. Today that includes… myself. 😉

I’m Ti of Sewing By Ti and I love fabric. Few things make me happier than new fluffy mail. Unfortunately, my husband would hate if I just stashed away yards and yards of fabric, so I try to actually sew with them. I focus on sewing clothes for myself, my husband and my 3 daughters. You’re probably most familiar with my blog for my month long series comparing different styles of women’s clothing (raglans, dolmans, henleys, shorts, …), but I also test sporadically for different designers, participate in blog tours and just do my own thing. When I’m not sewing I’m probably homeschooling my 3 girls, working as a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, or hanging out at one of the many local parks.

And my co-blogger for today, Melissa of Rebel and Malice:

Hi I am Melissa, the crazy one behind Rebel & Malice. I live in way too sunny Southern California, which we not so lovingly refer to as the High Desert. Married Mom to 5 kids, creator of edgy, vintage, and sometimes surprisingly classic clothing, I tend to showcase my love of sewing and fashion through loud and dark designs. Later this year, I will finally be selling my visions as kids fashion and drafting funky, cool baby patterns. Rare free time includes reading YA books, watching horror movies & dark comedies, hiking anywhere with a view or waterfall and rocking out as hard as possible at a concert.

While the HTML below will include ALL of the tour links for the series, please keep in mind that each blog post will not go live until its assigned day. Ready to get started?

August 1st
Sewing By Ti and Rebel and Malice
August 2nd
Gray all Day
August 3rd
Wild and Wanderful and The Sara Project
August 4th
Doodle Number 5 and Sweet Red Poppy
August 5th
Paisley Roots and Dos Natural Sistas and My Crafty Little Self

August 8th
Made By Melli and Sew Far North
August 9th
Sew Sophie Lynn and Creative Counselor
August 10th
Frivolous at Last and EYMM
August 11th
Lulu and Celeste and Sprouting Jubejube
August 12th
Adventures with Bubba and Bug and All Things Katy and Sewing by Ti

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  1. Thank you! By entering the raffle copter giveaway, am I entering for one specific item or I have a chance to win any of the items?