Sew Ready For Fall, Wednesday Week 2


Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 9.13.13 AMEvery day of this series I’ve thought, “Man, the previous days have been so good, I don’t know how tomorrow’s bloggers are going to do any better.” And then, you get posts like today and you’re all like “WHAT?!” And you’re blown away, again.

Today on Sew Ready For Fall I have a stunning kid’s hoodie from Joelle from EYMM and an equally amazing adult’s cardigan from Lori of Frivolous At Last.

Without further ado:

Joelle of EYMM

13906659_10153630362542016_3336768140642120131_nJoelle is a mother of 5 who is lucky enough to be able to stay at home with her children. She’s been sewing since she joined 4-H at age 8 and still gets a little thrill from creating wearable, unique outfits from flat pieces of fabric. She enjoys assisting Kymy at EYMM and blogging about many of her PDF pattern sewing projects.


and Lori of Frivolous at Last

13958004_10157133541450004_2605080861954717801_oLori loves to make things: noise, a scene, friends, trouble, hay when the sun shines—but mostly she loves making clothes. With a measure-once-cut-at-least-twice attitude, not everything turns out perfectly but you can follow the adventure on her blog at Lori is also the co-host of the Clothes Making Mavens sewing podcast. Have a listen and join in the conversation at



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I’m Lori B from Toronto, Canada. I love to make things: clothes, sweaters, noise, cookies, outfits, art, dessert, jewelry, a scene, hay while the sun shines, etc…if it’s creative and tactile, and at least a little bit beautiful, I’m in. On this blog I post about things I’m making and other things that inspire, amuse, or annoy me.

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