Sew Your Own Football Jersey This Season


Are you a football fan (or maybe just related to a few)? Then chances are, you already know that the kick off for the first season game is September 8th.

Want to impress your fellow fans? Sew them up their very own football jersey in their favorite colors (or favorite team colors).

Stylish Fabric has all the football Jersey Fabric you need in tons of colors. And at between $3.50 and $6 a yard, you can sew up a LOT of Jerseys.

Blank Slate Juniper Jersey For Women

Need a pattern too? Blank Slate has a Jersey T-shirt Pattern in both kids (18m to 8) and women’s (XXS-XL). And a little hacking could turn any men’s t-shirt into a jersey too.

What are you waiting for? Get sewing!

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