Godet Mate


Since I had a bit of the lovely rayon gauze left over from my Daisy Dropped Shoulder Blouse last week, I decided to put those bits to good use! And what could be a better use for rayon gauze scraps than godets?

Godet (go-day): an inset of cloth placed in a seam to give fullness (as at the bottom of a skirt).
–Merriam Webster Dictionary

Creative Counselor: Runway SkirtGodets are such a great way to use up small pieces of drapey fabric that might not have a lot of other uses. Scraps of denim and quilting cotton are great for “scrappy” projects if you’re into that sort of thing (I for one detest “scrappy” projects), but most of those aren’t appropriate for light weight drapey fabrics like rayon or silk.

I used scraps of my rayon gauze to add some swing to my wardrobe this week. This gorgeous pencil skirt features godets all along the back for a “business in the front, party in the back” look.

Creative Counselor: Runway SkirtI wish I could tell you where to buy this pattern, but unfortunately you can’t buy it … at least not yet! This is the very first not-yet-released pattern from Audrey at Skirt Fixation. The pattern is in the early stages of pretesting, so don’t expect a release anytime soon, but hopefully it will be available for your holiday dress-up events!

Creative Counselor: Runway SkirtIf you like the look of the skirt (which will have a maxi and midi option in addition to the knee length I made), go drop Audrey some love over on her blog or Facebook page. I know she will appreciate the encouragement!

Creative Counselor: Runway SkirtAnd if you have random scraps of rayon sitting around (as I often do), don’t chuck them! They may not be your traditional “scrappy project” fabric, but they are great to add a little pop to something like this skirt.

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