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Yes I know, Halloween is over and I’m already writing about Thanksgiving. I don’t like things like that either but I’m more of a plan ahead person than a last minute person. Think of it this way at least I’m not writing about Christmas….yet. Anyway to get to the point, I’m writing this blog because it’s almost the holiday season and a lot of the times while I scroll though Pinterest, Instagram, basically every social media platform a 19 year old like me has access to. I noticed a lot of arts and crafts being made for decorations and the prices they go for are crazy. So I thought “Why not make my own for so little, and with things I have scattered at home?” So that’s exactly what I did. I gathered a few scraps of fabric that I had gotten from Stylish Fabric before from home and had my nephews help. Here’s a process of a mini Thanksgiving craft we made with just fabrics and a small sewing kit!


img_2172 As I was taking pictures, this little one decides he wants to be funny and make funny faces to the camera.








Stenciling this was not as easy at it looked when you have two 5 year olds helping you.

I got the fabric a while ago for my mom from Stylish Fabric to make this project possible. I used their 406 Jersey knit fabric for this design. It has a good thickness to it which made things easier to sew the designs and cut the material to place them on he fabric. I’m not good at sewing or at cutting stencils out but I was the only old enough person to use the scissors while my nephews did more of the leafs. Finally after getting the leaves ready we prepped them for sewing and it felt smooth and blended very well our back fabric we used to make this design. The Jersey fabric has a width of 58/60 and weighs about 200 gsm which isn’t much but it worked since we are planning to display this on Thanksgiving day.

Finally after about I would say 1 hour and 20 minutes. Our project was finished, the end result was that the small centerpiece was smooth and soft exactly what we were aiming for because this was supposed to have a good flow if this was going to be hung outside.

img_2168The end result of our mini flag display for our Thanksgiving Day Dinner.

This project is also good for any occasion. You can have your kids make amazing and creative decorations for the holidays. If you have any scraps laying around, have your kids use their imaginations and create whatever they desire. That way you don’t have left over fabric cluttering your space and causing you trouble. Perfect to do to make new memories and bond during the holiday season. Special Thanks to Stylish Fabric for providing good quality fabrics and supplies for this design. Make sure you get your supplies and fabrics today on their site and save! They are currently having $15 and under party decoration promo right now.


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