Mermaid Reversible Sequin Strap Key Chain DIY Tutorial!!


Remember when those color changing sequin pillows everyone and I mean EVERYONE talked about and was obsessed with? Well instead of a pillow, I found the exact fabric online and I decided to make the next big thing! Just in time for the holiday season or if you’re making a cute gift to give out to your friends, family, or that special someone. Make a gift that’s cute, stunning, and doesn’t break the bank. Here is a step by step DIY on how you can make Reversible mermaid key chains!


To start you will need about a 5/8″ by 50 cut of the 2840 Mermaid Reversible Fabric from Stylish Fabric You can chooses any color you like to make this project but I picked the Green and Blue one.

The split key ring for the chain. I bought them all from Wal-Mart

And last but not least the Rivets and Setter Kit that I purchased from my local Michael’s Craft Store|pcrid|102012703992|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|prd|10043803&cm_mmc=zadv_PLASearch-_-google-_-Crafts+%26+Hobbies-_-Leather+Crafting&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Crafts+%26+Hobbies&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=se4vS5LMj|pcrid|102012703992|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|prd|10043803



Mermaid Reversible Fabric strap

Rotary Punch

The Split key ring that is 28mm / 1.1″ (Outside), 23mm / 0.9″ (Inside)

Rivets and Setter



  1. Following the dimensions of the fabric cut provided in the Introduction. Cut a strip of the fabric.
  2. Make 4 small holes on the tips for the closing.
  3. Slide the ring onto the fabric strap and bend so the holes align together. Thread needle and sew it until it is closed.
  4. Here is a picture Diagram of the Rivet closure needed for the design.
  5. Make two holes as shown in the picture with a rotary punchscreen-shot-2016-11-11-at-11-59-08-am.
  6. Slide Ring onto the finished strapped and bend the holes so they align with each other. Set the rivet.

*Once this is done, you will have your very own reversible key chain!



The final result, it should look something like this!

img_2260 img_2261

This fabric can be found in the link during the Introduction. This fabric is $36.90 a yard, it has a cuttable width of 57/58″, and with the contents of 100% Polyester. The sequins are reversible, meaning they are more than just one color when you swipe your finger across it.

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