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Today, Elizabeth is announcing the Day and Night Dress Challenge bloggers.  If you missed it, be sure to check out the first post introducing the challenge.


To give you all some ideas as we’re going along, I put together a group of talented ladies that will give you some inspiration.  We’re spread across the globe, and we all have unique sewing talent and aesthetics.  Be sure to follow along with everyone to spark your own creativity as you create your own dresses for the contest.  Here’s the schedule


To give you all some ideas as we’re going along, I put together a group of talented ladies that will give you some inspiration.  We’re spread across the globe, and we all have unique sewing talent and aesthetics.  Be sure to follow along with everyone to spark your own creativity as you create your own dresses for the contest.  Here’s the schedule:

January 2017
26December 26, 2016 27December 27, 2016 28December 28, 2016 29December 29, 2016 30December 30, 2016 31December 31, 2016 1January 1, 2017
2January 2, 2017 3January 3, 2017 4January 4, 2017 5January 5, 2017 6January 6, 2017 7January 7, 2017 8January 8, 2017

9January 9, 2017

10January 10, 2017

11January 11, 2017

12January 12, 2017

13January 13, 2017

14January 14, 2017

15January 15, 2017
16January 16, 2017 17January 17, 2017 18January 18, 2017 19January 19, 2017 20January 20, 2017 21January 21, 2017 22January 22, 2017
23January 23, 2017 24January 24, 2017 25January 25, 2017 26January 26, 2017 27January 27, 2017 28January 28, 2017

29January 29, 2017

30January 30, 2017 31January 31, 2017 1February 1, 2017 2February 2, 2017 3February 3, 2017 4February 4, 2017



Elizabeth of Elizabeth Made This: hey it’s me!  If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know that creative sewing is my thing.  Any time I can incorporate pattern hacking, block printing, embroidery, vintage fabrics, and any other embellishments in my projects, I’m a happy lady.  I’ve written for Seamwork, UpCraftClub, and Altered Couture, and I have a small line of clothes at SEWN, a local boutique focusing on handmade clothing in Denver.

Brittany of Brittany J Jones: It’s Brittany’s fault!  She encouraged me to host this challenge, and I’m glad she did!  Brittany was a contestant in the Fabric Mart Fabricista Challenge, she’s on YouTube, and she’s about the sweetest person. Her style is fun, fun, fun, and her smile infectious.  Your day will be better for spending time with Brittany.

Maria of How Good is That: Maria is amazing!  She is the prolific Australian sewist of shoes, perfectly fitted dresses and all kinds of cool activewear for her biking.  She is a fount of sewing knowledge.  You can regularly find her work on Minerva Crafts UK, White Tree Fabrics UK, and she’s a frequent competitor in Pattern Review contests.  She writes: My sewing interests change from day to day – vintage, mod, gymgear, workwear, jeans, lingerie to movie-influenced. You name it, I’ve probably sewn it. So you see I enjoy pushing the boundaries when I sew.

Tonya of So Sew Petite:  Tanya was another competitor and 2nd place winner for the Fabric Mart Fabricista Challenge.  She does a great job scaling down patterns for her petite frame to create RTW inspired looks.  I love how fearless she is at grading patterns down…I know it’s not an easy process sometimes.  Look how sharp she is in her red trench!

Je’Tua of Robertswife: Je’Tua is a YouTuber, sewist and crocheter.  She makes lovely things with beauty and grace and loves her family well!

Meg, an American living in Bangkok, is an environmental lawyer by day, mildly obsessed sewist by night. She blogs at Cookin’ and Craftin and is an editor at the Curvy Sewing Collective.


Melanie of It’s Melanie Darling: Melanie was another contestant in the Fabric Mart competition.  She’s got fierce style that she’s cultivated over a lifetime of sewing and being taught at the knees of both her seamstress grandmothers.  If you’re in Florida looking for custom sewing work to be done, Melanie is your lady!


Linda of Elle Gee Makes: Linda’s always looking like she came straight off the runway in her impeccably sewn garments.  A lover of blue and Burberry, this creative lady escapes to her sewing room to avoid the Portland rain.

Tee of Maggie Elaine is the winner of the Fabric Mart contest.  She has a keen eye for fashion and sews in Las Vegas in honor of her seamstress grandmothers.

Doja of Elewa is a network engineer by day and seamstress by night.  She’s a young UK sewist tackling pattern drafting on her YouTube channel.  Her garments are bold and full of life, and she has a great sense of humor.



Bianca of Thanks I Made Them is such a talented sewist! Using hand-stitching, applique, and embroidery, her garments are living pieces of art.  A native of the Bahamas now living in the great state of Texas, Bianca is truly an inspiring artisan.

Daniela of On the Cutting Floor is a pattern designer and maker.  Her blog features more than 50 free patterns (talk about generous!).  In her shop she sells her patterns and offers her expertise as a pattern maker.


Sonja from Sewing a la Carte is from the Netherlands.  Her beautiful garments match her chic polished style.  Even as a child, she had a knack for a needle and thread.  Here she writes about an absolutely beautiful dress she made as a child that has now become an heirloom for her daughters.

Renata of RunningNStyle is a busy wife & mom of 3 home schooling kids. Renata is a sewing Vlogger with a growing YouTube Channel and Blog, where she shares her lovely sewing projects. She’s been sewing for most of her life, but have spent the last year focusing on improving her sewing skills. She love the process of taking a one dimension fabric and turning it into a wearable garment. Renata is always eager and excited to encourage others to take up sewing and has created an amazing holiday tag on Instagram and YouTube #thelittlereaddressproject.

Melissa of mahlicadesigns is sewing her way toward an all handmade wardrobe while working through sewing challenges, pushing to learn new skills, and engaging in the sewing community

Rachel of Sew Redy is a native of New Orleans, living in Arizona.  Whether she’s cosplaying Daenerys or sewing up another of her beloved Monetas, this hilarious Cali Fabrics blogger will charm you with her engaging style.

Judith of Judith Dee’s World is a Canadian sewing blogger.  Gathering her inspiration from RTW, Judith loves sewing shirtdresses, jeans, and cardigans.  She’s on YouTube as well, and she teaches sewing part time.


Tanya of Mrs. Hughes is a California rancher with exquisite vintage style.  She is founding editor and web admin for the Curvy Sewing Collective and a regular contributor for Cali Fabrics.  I’m personally excited for her recent forays into learning the art of historical costuming.


    1. Sew some dresses!
    2. Let other people know about it.  Use #dayandnightdresschallenge on Twitter and Instagram and follow the Day and Night Dress Challenge Facebook group.
    3. Keep reading here to find out the latest.  Follow Elizabeth Made This on Instagram andFacebook.
    4. Grab a graphic and post it on your site.
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