DIY Stretch Lace Top and Jersey Knit Pants: McCall’s M7607: Stylish Fabric Vol. 4


DIY Stretch Lace Top and Jersey Knit Pants: McCall’s M7607: Stylish Fabric Vol. 4


Hope all is well.  I am going to jump right into this week’s DIY look.  I want to share one more lace and knit look that I made using fabric from Stylish Fabric.

I made this look with McCall’s M7607, Views A & D.  I loved this pattern at first sight, although I thought the look in all red was a jumpsuit vs. two pieces, initially.  However, I like the fact that I can wear the pieces as separates.

Image result for McCall 7607

There is a lot of volume in the pants and I ended up making my pants about 3 sizes smaller than what I would normally make for bottoms.  Once I saw the paper piece I knew that it would be too large if I made this in my normal size.  I used denim blue modal poly sand washed cupro jersey knit  from Stylish Fabric that can be found here.  Denim blue is a description of the color. I was really excited about this fabric, because I love all of my RTW knits that are labeled with modal in the fabric content.  The drape and weight could not have been anymore perfect for the style of these pants.  Not to mention the fabric feels so soft against the skin.

The pants are very simple to make, in fact the waistband is made by folding over the fabric to make the casing for the elastic.  There is not a separate waistband to attach.

For the top I used a stretch lace called Jenna Four Leaf Clover, also in what is described as a denim color, which can be found here. This lace is easy to work with and has a really nice scalloped edge.  Therefore, I took advantage and used it as the hem.  The straps and sleeve cuffs are made with the same jersey knit as the pants.  I did not line my top, so it is see-through, but I do have on a garment underneath to cover the goods.  As you may know by now I like lace to be seen and appreciated as much as possible.  I made the normal size I would make for a top and did not size it down.

So I would say the color looks a bit more accurate in this next picture for both of the fabrics .  I got a few pics in when the sun hid behind the clouds for a moment .  However, in other pictures, the color is a brighter blue, because of the sunlight.  I selected this fabric, because I liked the muted, sand washed color as seen below.

I expected that this top would have elastic around the upper edge of the bodice and sleeve, but it did not.  It is made to fit according to measurements.  Considering that I left this see-through, elastic would not have been preferable anyway, unless I took the time to dye it the same color blue.  Initially, I thought I could get away without adding a zipper. However, a quarter of a way through the project, I realized I needed the zipper in order to get in and out of the top.  It would not work as a pullover for me.  So I split the back down the center and inserted a zipper per the design of the pattern.  Luckily, the top had enough volume for me to make the adjustment without sacrificing the fit by taking out the seam allowance for the zipper after the fact.  I forgot to add the hook and eye before I left for my trip, but I will be adding a hook and eye closure above my zipper.  You can sort of tell in this picture where I need one on the upper edge of the center back.

I love how flowy the pants are.  You all pardon how hot I look!  I was home in the Midwest and my body was experiencing shock from the humidity, lol.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love humidity, because I believe it good for my skin and hair.  However, I have acclimated to dry heat over the past 4 years out here in Vegas.  I was lucky to get a few good pictures where my face was not dripping sweat or at least not as obvious, HA!

This outfit almost stayed in the Midwest too, until my mom realized the top was see-through.  Whew, lucky for me I got to keep this one.

Well, that is my last lace look for this round using Stylish Fabric.  Please feel free to use my coupon code: Tee to get 15% off sitewide!

Until next time…be safe.

Yours truly, Tee
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