No Sew Shawl + Easy Turtleneck: Quick Sewing Projects to Update Your Winter Wardrobe


Love to Sew but Short on Time?
Oh… and might I add it’s getting kinda chilly?

Whether you’re out in the mild West Coast or the freezing East there is a special time of year when the temperature drops and you’re #1. never quite prepared and #2. left digging out the same sweaters you’ve been wearing for the last 10 years.

If the above sounds like you, I’m there with you! We lead busy lives, and time flies by SO quick I’m always left asking myself “where did [insert any of the 12 months] go?!” It took me ages before I finally realized that it was a sign of needed change when my trusty burgundy knit sweater starting to lose its vibrancy, stretch, and overall oomph.

WELL, the time is now to break that cycle of overuse and whip up some new things to add to your closet!

And because I’m a crafty girl on the go, I opted to save just a bit more time by making everything out of this beeeaautiful wintery Silver Crepe Viscose. It’s this pretty light silver that can easily mix-n-match with other pieces in my wardrobe. Not only is it a gorgeous material, but it also has great 4-way stretch, drape, and versatility!

Turtleneck I made of Stylish Fabric’s Silver Crepe Viscose

*Note* I’m out in Southern CA where our idea of cold is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re in a truly chilly location, I recommend perusing more of Stylish Fabric’s Sweater Knit selection.


Silver Crepe Viscose (4 Yards for both projects)
Matching Thread
Trim (optional for the shawl)


No Sew Shawl | 30min – 1hr | 2 yds of Fabric
Turtle Neck | 1hr – 2hr | 2 yds of Fabric


No Sew Shawl | 30min – 1hr | 2 yds of Fabric

In an “I have nothing to wear” disaster scenario, this piece could be made in a pinch right before an event (seriously). It’s a simple square with just one extra cut and you don’t have to sew it. That is IT.

The key is using the same type of material as I did which is a knit! The reason is that knits are made in such a way that they able to retain a raw edge and not fray the way a woven material would (I’ll make sure to write a post about this in the near future).

Now, hemming is always recommended as it will give your piece longevity, but with proper care and clean cuts you’ll have a pretty nice new throw to add to your closet.

Take a look below at a diagram I drew to see where you need to make that ONE extra cut, along with a few finishing suggestions if you have time to whip out out your machines.

The beautiful drape of this fabric made for an elegant new piece, and all it is is a carefully cut square!.
  • Cut a 50” by 50” Square, find the center and cut  25” down from the center point to the center of one of the edges.
Diagram of how I made my super quick shawl!
  • Finishing Options: This knit material can be left raw (The “no sew” version) or if you prefer, it can #1. be given a clean finish with a folded hem + zig-zag stitch, #2 Have a carefully sewn bias, or #3 Have a marrowed edge with the use of a Serger.
Throw one side over your shoulder for an elegant cowl effect!

Aaaand…. you’re done! Pretty easy right?

The great thing about this simple design is it could be made about of limitless fabrics in an assortment of colors. Take a look at more sweater knits and remember you need 2 yards of any color you decide to grab.

On to the next project!

Turtle Neck | 1hr – 2hr | 2 yds of Fabric

I personally love turtlenecks. I think they’re classy and flattering all while keeping your neck nice and toasty.

This piece will require a bit more time, but don’t fret… not too much more!

  • First, here is the pattern I used by Burda Style:
  • It’s a 3 piece pattern in which the neckline is added to the front and back bodice! Sewing a collar = time, and this pattern just answered our quick-project-prayers.
    *Note* Seam allowance (SA) has not been added to this pattern. Find your size and cut an additional seam allowance around the edges wherever the pattern does not fall on the fold. After measuring the smallest size, I felt without SA it was larger than I wanted it to be as I like a snug fit, so I personally opted to cut it without SA.

Now here’s a little run through of what I had to do to put this pattern together. Arguably this is the most time-consuming part. But worth it considering Burda Patterns are affordable and instant!

Tools you’ll need to put together the Burda Pattern & cut out your Turtleneck
Print out your Burda Pattern following their instructions
Love Jigsaw puzzles? Well, this is your lucky day
Match those notches by their numbering + letters
Tape them all together
Keep going…
Now cut out those three pattern pieces and you’re moments away from sewing

Gorgeous right?
Me still planning out the best way to cut out the pattern to save fabric! **Make sure both FRONT and BACK are on the FOLD**
Cut the fabric… and then sew!


Simple, classy, elegant right?

I hope these quick projects were easy and expanded your winter closet even just a bit!

if you have any suggestions or want to see if I can simplify a different project for you, please leave a comment below! <3

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