Another classic black dress from Stylish Fabrics!


… but this one is not for me!

Black Crepe Rivermont

When I first ordered the modal jersey for my Day and Night Dress Challenge from Stylish Fabrics, they accidentally shipped this poly crepe doubleknit (also known as Liverpool) instead. They were very nice about it and resent the correct fabric right away. Stylish Fabrics was a sponsor for the challenge and offered bloggers/vloggers free fabric for either the day or night dress, so I was particularly impressed that they not only sent me free fabric once, but twice! I was the only blogger outside the USA who ordered from them, so we worried a little about the timing, but both packages arrived quickly.

Black Crepe Rivermont

All of that is to say, I found myself with some black Liverpool, and knew right away that it would make the perfect Cashmerette Rivermont dress for my sister. She wear the first version I made her quite often, and always looks great in it!

Black Crepe Rivermont

Have you sewn with Liverpool before? It’s really taken the sewing world by storm over the last two years, and it has some great properties:

  • 30% or more stretch widthways, and a bit of vertical stretch
  • crepe texture looks more elegant than some polyester fabrics
  • has the drape of a lightweight ponte, I’d say, so it works in structured patterns like this or this, or in softer patterns like this or this!
  • Liverpool seems to be the same through all vendors, so a crepe knit like this is a pretty safe bet to order online
  • it’s polyester, so it never fades
  • sews nicely on a serger, regular machine or coverstitch!

The only negative that I’ve come up with in a few years of sewing and wearing Liverpool is that it pills at centre front where my seatbelt rubs over long pendant necklaces. If you don’t wear long necklaces or commute a lot, that shouldn’t be an issue!

Black Crepe Rivermont

Rivermont is a surprisingly versatile style, depended in how snugly you fit it. In the picture above, I’m pinching out a few inches at the waist, and it’s much more Joan Holloway va va voom. For everyday work wear though, a bit of ease makes it chic and effortless! We’ve got one more Rivermont planned for Anne using a tie-dye/shibori-esque indigo and taupe double knit. This time I think we’ll go for short sleeves and a scoop neck to make it summery and more casual.

Being shipped the wrong fabric definitely turned out as a happy accident – thanks, Stylish Fabrics! This dress has already been added to Anne’s closet, and I’m on to much more colourful projects!

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