Winding down February


Does it ever take you an eternity to sew something up, even though you’re super excited about it? That was me with this top! I picked out the pattern and the fabric months ago, and have had them ready and waiting to go… But time-sensitive holiday sewing took precedence, and work got more demanding than usual, and by the time I finally got this thing together Texas Snow-mageddon happened and I went into personal and professional survival mode while we weathered the storm… But I’m finally here! I made my Pepper Top, I love it, and I’m excited to share it with you today!

I fell in love with this pattern when it first released, and I think I actually purchased it during release week! The Pepper Top by Made for Mermaids follows what seems to be their normal recipe – a fun top pattern with TONS of options, that can run the spectrum from simple basic to dressed up casual! There are a multitude of neckline and sleeve options, as well as multiple length variations and two different bodice fits. I’ve outlined the options I used for this version below. It was hard to choose, and ultimately I went with the options that required me to cut into my pattern the least. Next time, I’ll cut into my pattern pieces a little more as required for another option, and so on and so forth 🙂

  • Sleeves: Gathered puff banded LONG sleeve with SHORT cuff
  • Neckline: Mock Turtleneck
  • Hemmed, Slim Fit Bodice
  • Top Length

At the end of 2020, I started trying to figure out my color palette. I’ve been really inspired watching Jasika at @jasikaistrycurious discover her color palette and change up her wardrobe and fabric choices using this information, so I started looking into mine. I will admit that my efforts thus far have been minimal, but I’ve narrowed myself down to either a soft autumn or soft summer. I was a little saddened by this at first – I love wild neon colors, and those are decidedly NOT in either of these palettes – but I quickly realized I can still enjoy colors that aren’t in my palette in ways that don’t involve making my skin and face look washed out and sad!

I had already been eyeing this pretty pontelle rib knit fabric as an option for a Pepper Top, and I decided to take a look at some of the colors in my potential palettes to make a final decision on fabric color. The soft autumn and summer palettes both incorporate some muted, dusty tones and both incorporate some lovely shades of purple. This dusty purple was an obvious choice – and I’ll agree, I think it works well with my skin!

Being a rayon spandex, I was a bit worried that the fabric would be a bit thin for the voluminous shape of the sleeve, but I think it works out quite well. Instead of the more dramatic dimension that you might find if you made this pattern out of something a little more sturdy, like a French Terry, it offers a nice soft drape – a bit romantic, I think, which works nicely with this color! My other concern was whether or not the fabric would be opaque enough to wear without a camisole underneath, given the nature of the pontelle, but I have not found this to be an issue. I’m actually wearing a dark grey bra in these photos, and I don’t think that this would be super obvious until I told you! 

As with most of the fabrics offered at Stylish Fabric, this great substrate comes in tons of great color options. I was personally very drawn to the Navy and Berrice before I narrowed it down to this Dusty Purple! The fabric is nice and lightweight, so while it works for this cooler weather top, it would also work for garments intended for sunshine without feeling bulky or suffocating!! I’ve got a link to this particular colorway below, but you can also use code ELIZABETH15 for 15% off anything on the site!

My family and I decided to take the opportunity to get dressed up together and get some photos when I was ready to snap a few shots of this top! I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago that we recently took some family photos of us as a family of 4, only to unexpectedly add a new 5th family member that very same night! We were very much looking forward to getting some new, updated photos of us with both of our pups… And also to announce that we’re expecting to add ONE MORE to the family this summer! We are thrilled and cannot wait for our little girl to become a big sister! She waffles back and forth daily between hoping for a brother or a sister, but she is constantly reminding me to be “bareful” (her word for careful!) with the baby in my belly!

Top: handmade by me

Fabric: Stylish Fabric – Purple Dusty Rayon Spandex Pontelle Rib Knit Fabric (use code ELIZABETH15 for 15% off sitewide!)

Pattern: Made for Mermaids – Women’s Pepper Puff Sleeve Top & Sweater

Watch: MVMT (see below!)

Headband: Bison Frost ← is a new small business run by a friend of mine from college. She had the best hair and knew how to look glamorous in a tee and basketball shorts, so of course, she’s got some great stuff going on in her shop!

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  1. Adorable blog post! I love your “down to earth, honesty”! I also get sidetracked by life on my sewing. Great pictures, fantastic sewing on your top and adorable ?! We have an Australian Shepard…