Pokémon Legends Trainer – Cosplay Construction Notes


As soon as the game trailer dropped for Pokémon Legends: Arceus, I knew I needed to cosplay one of the new trainers that was announced along with it. I’ve always been a fan of the costume and character designs in the RPG games, and the concept of this uniform looked fun to create and cosplay.

With my construction notes for this costume, I’ll be sharing all the materials I used to put this cosplay together, as well as an overview on how I used them. Once again, I worked with Stylish Fabric to bring this outfit to life, and I’m excited to share my process for creating this look!

Note: I decided not to make the footwear for this project, as I do not currently have the time or resources to create them. For this shoot, all photos were shot from the knees up.

Materials Needed to Sew the Costume:

Additional Costume Items Needed:

  • Black Ponytail Wig
  • Black Long Sleeved Top
  • Navy Leggings
  • Complimenting Props

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The Costume

Etsy Product Thumbnail for Legendary Trainer Sewing Pattern
Etsy Product Thumbnail for Legendary Trainer Sewing Pattern

The main parts of this costume are the top (also known as a gi), skirt, and waist belts (the black and yellow pieces).

For this, I purchased a printable pattern by Indigo Patterns on Etsy. It’s a unisex pattern, so if you want to go with the version with a plain yellow belt and pants, you have the option to!

The pattern is extremely easy to follow and has detailed instructions with photos. I was able to follow the steps from start to finish with no issues. I did not need to make any alterations to the pattern in order to have it fit me either.

For all the fabric, I collaborated with Stylish Fabric to choose ones that would be suitable for this costume. I went with a twill for the top, bottom, and belt (the black one). For the collar, sleeve cuffs, and second belt (the yellow one), I went with a ribbed Poly Gabardine. And finally for the scarf, I went with a red rayon linen fabric.

I chose to put most of the seams through my serger for extra reinforcement and to keep things nice and tidy. For certain areas like the collar, sleeves, and facing that required extra stiffness and stability, I used a white fusible non-woven interfacing.

The pattern I bought included SVG files for the designs on the top, so I cut them out onto iron-on vinyl using my Cricut. Each design was 2 colors, so I layered them on top of each other.

Some areas required hardware such as snaps/fasteners. I installed these onto the waistband of the skirt, but chose to use fabric tape to keep the top / gi closed on the day of shooting. For the two belts, I used a sew-on velcro to secure them while wearing them.

Note on the yellow belt: each part of it was constructed of 2 tubes sewn out of the yellow fabric. To make it appear more full, I pulled a decorative rope (which I got from the clearance section at Jo-Ann) through it.

After I finished sewing the pattern, I was able to check a large portion of the “to-do” items off of my list for this cosplay! For the “undergarments”, you can see that the trainer is wearing a black long-sleeved top and navy leggings, so I went with items from my closet for these rather than making them from scratch.

The Wig & Bandana

Since the trainer’s hair is kept back in a ponytail, I went with a standard pigtail wig off of Amazon and wore it with only one clip in place to turn it into a ponytail wig. However, I do not recommend this wig since it was last minute purchase and did not end up being the best quality. Instead, I would suggest getting the Ayumi Classic paired with the ponytail clip-on accessory Mid Clip Classic from Arda Wigs.

For the bandana, you can either purchase one or use white scrap fabric by cutting out a large square and finishing the edges. I folded it in half to create a triangle, and tied it underneath the nape of my neck over the wig to secure it.

Props & Finished Look

I paired the finished costume with an Oshawott Pokémon plush from Amazon. If I had more time on my hands, I would’ve 3D printed the wooden Pokéball featured in the trailer. Instead, I just used one of my plastic Pokéballs I already own and angled it to disguise it in photos.

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