Cozy Pet Bed – Construction Notes


I’ve been finding a lot of joy lately creating pet accessories for my cats, so I decided to try making a cozy round pet bed.

It was a fairly easy project to work on, and my cats really love it, especially my youngest kitty Boba.

I collaborated with the wonderful Stylish Fabric again to make it happen. I hope the construction notes for this project help you make a lovely bed for your fur babies, too!

While this project could technically be hand sewn, I highly recommend doing most of it on a sewing machine.

Materials Needed:

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First, I went to Etsy and found this guide for a round pet bed. It has options for 5 different sizes. I went with size small, which is 18” in diameter. The guide includes instructions on how you can measure your pet so that you can choose the best size for them.

For the fabric, I chose a soft off-white Minky Sherpa Muchkin fabric from Stylish Fabric. My cats love really soft plush fabrics like this, so it was really easy for me to choose. Plus, it looks really cute! I definitely recommend going with something soft that you know your pet would love to sleep on. Optional: prepare your fabric with extra care by having your cat make biscuits on it! ?

I also chose a black fabric for the bottom. I used something from my spare fabric bin, but you could use something similar to mine from Stylist Fabric.

To start, I created a half circle template for the base. Again, I went with the 18” sizing for this bed. I traced a full circle out onto my white sherpa and onto the black canvas, then cut them out. I sandwiched them together wrong-side to wrong-side, and used sewing clips to keep the two pieces in place. I accounted for my seam allowance and sewed them together, leaving a 5-8” opening so that I can stuff it with Polyfil later on.

Next, I cut one giant rectangle from the white sherpa. This piece ended up being roughly 12” by 58”.

I folded it in half long-ways (right-side to right-side) and sewed the ends together, accounting for seam allowance. This will make one giant connected strip.

I then folded this piece in half again (wrong-side to wrong-side) matching the raw edges together and used sewing clips to keep it in place. I sewed it shut (accounting for seam allowance) and left a 5-8” opening on this piece as well so that I can stuff it later.

Line up the raw edges of your circular piece and your rectangular piece and use sewing clips to hold them together. Make sure to line up the openings on each piece to each other, so that you can stuff both pieces easily at the same time.

Grab your Polyfil and stuff your pet bed! You can stuff it until you are satisfied with the fullness, customizing it to what you know your pet will like. Boba really likes a firm bed, so I stuffed it until I was content.

After stuffing it, it should look something like this! At this point, I left the project alone on the floor to do something else before closing it 100% up, and Boba already went to test it out. He fit so perfectly and he was already in love with it!

To close it up, you can either hand-sew it shut or use your sewing machine (this way is much more difficult). Once that’s done, you’re finished!

Here are some photos of the final product with Boba in it. As you can see, it’s on a chair, which is actually his preferred way to sleep on it.

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